"We have been greatly benefited by AppNet Global Inc’ technical monitoring services that have made a tangible impact on our revenue stream."

- CEO, provider of DBA services

"Our success in software product development can be attributed to our association with AppNet Global Inc and the kind of knowledge and support they have provided in each of our project delivery."


With increasing competition, human resources recruiting companies need a simple effective and secure system to manage their business. AppNet Global Inc provides an effective recruiting software solution which helps companies to reduce the turnaround time and a simple way to keep track of requirements, candidates and clients.

As the same requirement is received by hundreds of other recruiting companies. It is companies who automate and find ways to reach candidates faster than their competitors could eventually make the placement. Along with a quick turnaround time it is also important to submit resumes with relevance and accuracy. Besides applicant tracking system, HR software and staffing Management software features. AppNet Global Inc also offers strong CRM functionality which helps to maintain relationship with candidates and clients. We help both recruiting and sales teams to use one common system.