"We have been greatly benefited by AppNet Global Inc’ technical monitoring services that have made a tangible impact on our revenue stream."

- CEO, provider of DBA services

"Our success in software product development can be attributed to our association with AppNet Global Inc and the kind of knowledge and support they have provided in each of our project delivery."


Solutions Architecture is the foundation of developing robust and powerful enterprise level software solutions. It aids in business process improvements leading to functional, operational and cost benefits. Information flows seamlessly across various systems within an organization leading to effective tactical and strategic decision making.

AppNet Global Inc team can create a scalable and flexible Solutions Architecture that translates effectively into a powerful Technical Architecture for your Information Systems. We understand the fact that Technical Architecture is the foundation for any Software Development Effort.

Intelligent Reporting and Effective Decision Making ability are primary objectives of our Solution Architectures. We ensure that these units form a core constituent of our Solutions rather than a post live add-on. Our solutions are built to unlock the information hidden within the data leading to unique perspective for managers and executives at all levels.

At AppNet Global Inc We create solutions that work for you rather than you working for our solutions.